Monday, 13 July 2015

Outfit of the day: H&M - Summer Days

Outfit of the day: H&M - Summer Days. 

Laying in bed after a long day at work, I had a brain wave which went something like - ‘It’s time for a summer wardrobe overhaul’. I pulled the laptop onto the bed, post cat nap, and began to flick through the online high street favourites. After starting a new job recently I will hold up my hands and confess I have fallen behind slightly with what happening in the retail world, so my wardrobe overhaul felt educational as well as essential (essential is what I tell myself to ease the guilt). I was amazed by how good some of the product is out there at the moment so I’ve decided that the next few ‘Outfit of the Day’ posts will be Brand focused and we are kicking off with H&M. 

The left look is an all day holiday look for when you take the day off from the pool and decide to explore the town. A slouchy vest keeps the skin lapping up the sunshine whilst your browsing the local stores or doing a midday bar crawl. The joggers are more relaxed than denims but still provide more formality than shorts. One of my favourite wardrobe staples is a plain white sneaker. These premium leather ones aren’t just a strong visual component but also great quality! 

I wanted the look on the right to seem effortless but stylish. The printed shirt is a different take on the standard Hawaiian shirt but the colours still bring in those summer vibes. Wearing skinny jeans on hot, muggy evenings is not a good feeling. Swap your skinny’s for something more relaxed like these navy slim chinos – roll up the bottom to give your ankles a breather. Another staple to my wardrobe is a Chelsea boot, they're great for those nights when you're taking your significant other for a more formal evening meal or you crave variety from your sneaker and flip flop alternating. They will also make a handsome addition to wardrobe when you get home. Finish the look with a straw hat which can be rocked all day by the pool and night!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Into the blue.

I'm getting really good vibes from the latest book by Ricky Cohete 'Azul'. 
A book in ode to the many shades of blue. With a range of different images from beaches to pool side, semi-nudes to head shots. Ricky Cohete does a great job at capturing the combinations of my favourite colour, blue. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Street Style: In the navy

In the navy: Jumper COS stores, polo reiss, boots Topman LTD

I've had a great week and its been a week full of family time. I've got to spend some quality time with my Dad and older brother before I move into my new home in London and my grandparents are back in the UK from their usually home in Southern Spain. It's been so great to spend time with the them, my grandparents are full of amazing stories about their time traveling the world and it's left me really excited for my next adventure!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Outfit of the day: Daytrip in Saint Laurent

Outfit of the day: Day trip in Saint Laurent. 

I wanted to start by answering an email I received. This email asked why I don't do outfit builds based upon my own wardrobe? Well, it's a valid question and to be honest, It the idea of having to ask friends to take pictures of me but who knows; in the future maybe I will try get some looks together. 

The look above is built around the Saint Laurent Paris SS15 collection, available at Mr.Porter. I'm in love with Saint Laurent Paris. As a brand it is edgy yet current and I find it has that perfect essence of Paris. The outfit above is something light and summery. A breton stripe shirt teamed with some light wash jeans provides a fresh feeling. I wanted to mix up my usual love for black footwear, swapping them for these Tan Suede boots and I think they make a great contrast with the black studded rucksack. It's the type of bag I can picture filled with the ridiculous amount of books I carry whilst running around London! 

Interior design is from Home-Designing and the created by 2B Group designs.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

How to read a Moodboard: The Darkness of the Wild West

I feel like I've been given my creative freedom back! I have some exciting projects in the pipeline which means I get to spread my artistic wings and start designing. People use a mood boards for a variety of things, especially in the fashion industry and some are easier to understand than others. 
As a bit of industry insight on mood boards, here is an example of a board for a shoot I have coming up with a break down on how to read it.

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

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